About our logo

Our wonderful game:play Lab logo was designed by Saffron Bolduc-Chiong. Please enjoy this short tale behind its creation.

In December 2018 the game:play and neighbouring Super Ordinary labs decided to throw a somewhat last minute holiday gathering in our joint space, enlivened by the vinyl record player in Super Ordinary and the potluck contributions of our many friends, colleagues, students and guests. As we increasingly made the space more ‘festive’, Suzanne Stein took the initiative of opening the first can of paint… at which point (we are an art school after all) the brushes were out! In game:play Cindy Poremba had several newly acquired cans of chalkboard paint, and a bare wall that was calling out to us. To this day, the chalkboard in the lab still holds some of the creatures (notable work includes an original Kaelan Doyle Myerscough cat-racoon) painted into it that day. Most importantly, by the entryway, is a very special drawing added with paint markers: an ambiguous fruit-vegetable creature, with a powerful call: MAKE GAMES!

We could think of no better logo for our weird, experimental, unorthodox game research space, than Saffron’s drawing. Make games, everyone!