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BiP: Bodies in Play

Bodies in Play: Inclusive Co-Creation for Wearable Technology and Virtual Reality is a two year research-creation partnership between OCAD University’s game:play Lab and Social Body Lab, and DMG that brings together academic, cultural and community […]

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From Within an Active PoV

From Within an Active PoV: Feminist VR Game Making is a research-creation project that investigates a feminist intervention in virtual reality game-making. It aims to build a generous and inclusive coalition of feminists in games by bringing feminist VR makers together and studying how, what, and why they make VR games.

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VVV: Volumetric Video in Videogames

VVV: Volumetric Video in Videogames is a practice based research inquiry that uses full motion video (FMV) videogame design patterns to scaffold the design of new games using volumetric (spatial 3D) video. It aims to advance critical discourse and design knowledge surrounding volumetric video and other emerging forms of hybrid captured media, within videogames and related immersive experiences.