Hand Made Game Jam

Welcome and thank you for participating in our research game jam!

You will find all the information and links you need for the game jam on this page. Stay tuned as we will keep this up-to-date throughout the game jam.

Hand Made Ident
Handmade VR Tools Creation

Complete pre-jam survey

Join Discord server

Pickup VR rig

Install software

View learning materials

Pull sample files

Game jam schedule

Post-jam survey

Complete Pre-Jam Survey

First things first, please fill out the pre-jam survey. We would like to make sure that you are well informed about the details of this project when participate in this game jam. Please complete the survey before Monday, November 15th.

Join Discord Server

Once you have completed the survey, let’s welcome you to our discord server! This is where we will all connect and have all of our live sessions. You can also get in touch with our team there if you have any questions or if you need technical assistance during the game jam.

Pickup VR Rig

Let’s get you a VR rig! These are available for pickup on Monday, November 15th at 100 McCaul, IT Services Help Desk.

Please schedule a time with IT desk, you can do so at Book 1-on-1 time with IT Staff. You should choose In Person Drop Off, Pickup & Repairs and please add a note that you are in the Hand Made Alienware/VR group.

Remember to bring your student card or ID to complete the checkout process.

Install Software

Now that you have a VR rig, you need to install the tools that you will be using in the game jam:

Masterpiece Studio

Masterpiece Studio is the main tool that we will be using and testing throughout the game jam, here is how you can get the application:

  1. Go to https://masterpiecestudio.com/
  2. Go to “Start a Free Trial”
  3. You will be prompted to create an account, make sure you use the same email address you used in your application for the game jam, this will ensure that you get the required software license you need to work with the tool.
  4. Once you are done with the registration process, log in to your account. You will find the link to “Download Studio.”
  5. Follow the prompts and you should have the latest version of the tool ready to launch.

Also make sure to download the following software as we will be using them alongside Masterpiece Studio:


Install version 2020.3.18


You can download it directly from the Oculus App Lab.

Half + Half

You can download it directly from the Oculus App Lab.

View Learning Material

Here you will find links to a collection of guides and video tutorials that will help you get started with Masterpiece Studio. Be sure to go through them throughout the week of the game jam.

Masterpiece Studio User Guide

This is a comprehensive guide that covers the basics of Masterpiece Studio. View the guide here.

Masterpiece Studio Video Tutorials

Creating 3D can be easy, check out these basic tutorials for modelling and texturing an apple using Masterpiece Studio:

The next video tutorial will take you through a full workflow for modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, and animating a simple model using Masterpiece Creator and Motion:

You are now ready to go into more depth using Masterpiece Studio, check out these videos to explore the possibilities this tool offers:

Creating Organic Concepts

Creating Concepts Using Stamps

Creating Hard Surface Concepts

Sketching 3D Concepts

Preparing a Character Model for Texturing

Texturing a Character

How to Rig, Skin, and Pose a Character

Creating Character Animations

Creating Facial Animations with Blendshapes

Also check out Masterpiece Studio YouTube channel for more video tutorials

Pull Sample Files for the Jam

Sample Unity File

We will post more links to download sample files, stay tuned!

Let the Game Jam Begin!

DayTime (EST)WhatWhere
Monday, November 15By bookingPickup VR rigsIT Service Help Desk
100 McCaul St.
Room MCA 341
Monday – FridayParticipant’s choiceComplete pre-jam survey
Install applications
View tutorials
Participant’s choice
Friday, November 195:00 pmGame Jam introductory session: Intro to VR sculptingMicrosoft Teams
Saturday, November 2010:00 am – 4:00 pmGame Jam day 1Discord
5:00 pmIntro to Unity integrationDiscord/Microsoft Teams
Sunday, November 2110:00 am – 4:00 pmGame Jam day 2Discord
5:00 pm Show & tellDiscord
Monday – FridayBy bookingReturn VR rigsIT Service Help Desk
100 McCaul St.
Room MCA 341
Participant’s choiceComplete post-jam surveyOnline link

Complete Post-Jam Survey

Once we are done with the game jam, we will add a link to our post-jam survey, just a few questions about your experience using these tools.

Have any questions?
Contact us at handmade@gameplaylab.ca
or through our Discord server