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game:play @ digra guadalajara

game:play Lab Co-Director Cindy Poremba presented outcomes from the Renewable Artgames Residency prototype, a collaboration with AUArts faculty member Kara Stone. Cindy additionally Co-Chaired (with Annakaisa Kultima) the new Experimental Track at DiGRA, which was […]

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Bodies in Residency is now on!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Bodies in Residency program, as a part of a three-year feminist research-creation collaboration between OCAD University’s game:play Lab, Social Body Lab, and DMG. This initiative brings […]

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Bodies in VR promo image

Bodies in VR

Bodies in VR is part of the Bodies in Play partnership between OCAD University’s game:play Lab and Social Body Lab, and DMG.

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Bodies in Wearables

Bodies in Wearables registration Now Open

Make wearables and explore embodied expression through the use of LEDs, motors, and microcontrollers – registration for the “Bodies in Wearables” Workshops & Jam is now open! Events include:  Workshop 1: LEDs for Personal Expression […]

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Zines from Lowcarbonmethods

BiP at #lowcarbonmethods

BiP (our research partnership with the Social Body Lab and DMG) has published the Bodies in Play Zine, part of the DIY Methods 2022 Conference. Follow the conference on Twitter September 19th, 2022, using the […]

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BiP Launch event promo image

Bodies in Play launch

Join us on Saturday, February 5th, 2022 for the Bodies in Play Launch event: It’s a zine playshop, where through a series of playful explorations, we will generate a zine envisioning a new and […]

game:play @ GDC 2022

game:play Lab Co-Director Cindy Poremba will be presenting design strategies for working with volumetric video in videogames, at the Future Realities Summit, part of this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC 2022), March 21-25, San Francisco, […]

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INTER/her artist talk with Camille Baker

Following her own experience with the health care system to treat a post-reproductive disease, interdisciplinary artist Baker created the project INTER/her, an immersive installation and VR experience exploring the inner world of women’s bodies and […]